Community Outreach

Outreach in the Digital Age

Early Music Explorations / Music Meditations / SalonEra
Early Music Outreach in the Digital Age consists of three programs that not only allow LD to continue serving our community during the pandemic, but gives us a new array of tools to help remove real and perceived barriers to enjoying and exploring the unique repertoire of Early Music.

Early Music Explorations

Geared towards kids age 8-13, Early Music Explorations is a pre-recorded video series created by Les Délices Artist-Educators that takes students on a journey of discovery using cultural artifacts (paintings, manuscripts, surviving scores, and the like) to learn about the music of the past. Interweaving performance footage with instrument demonstrations and artists’ personal stories, students can gain insights into how knowledge gets passed down, how artists collaborate and experiment to fill in the gaps from historical source material, and how early music relates to contemporary art forms. The series makes early music accessible, relatable, and fun, with numerous entry points for cross-curricular connections. 

A total of 4 Explorations video series are planned (10-12 videos in all), which will ultimately create a curriculum that encompasses Renaissance and Baroque musical styles, musical storytelling, and the interrelationship between world music and early music. Explorations’ second series will be built around the White Cat production, offering an introduction to opera and an invitation to create one’s own musical theater. Each 8-15 minute video will incorporate engaged listening exercises, artist explanations and demonstrations, introduction of historical sources (artwork or other), and musical performances while meeting Ohio Music Curriculum Fine Arts Standards and Recommendations.

Exploration Series Goals

  • Speak to and nurture curiosity
  • Learn about history and ask: how does it apply to my life?
  • Feel empowered to explore something that seems far away or distant
  • Observe, explore, engage with instruments
  • Get to know composers, existing materials and music

Music Meditations

Acknowledging the pain and fear the current crises of health and social justice are causing in our community, Les Délices is creating podcast-like recordings that pair recited poetry with performances from LD’s recorded archives and conclude with prompts for personal reflection. These short compilations will be accessible by phone hotline as well as on our YouTube channel to provide momentary respite and relief to listeners.


This twice-monthly live-streamed variety show designed as a salon experience for the 21st Century. LD artistic director Debra Nagy brings remote artists together for conversation and artistic exchange to deepen appreciation and understanding of the Early Music art form while introducing a wide range of artists and performing traditions. Segments of each episode will be made available online after the livestream, and will be used as additional material to augment future school/community-based outreach programs.

Upcoming Episode

There are no upcoming events.

In-Person Programs

Emphasizing excellence, thoughtfulness, and approachability, LD’s free community programs provide opportunities for people all ages and backgrounds to experience a wide range of creative, accessible, and insightful programs that examine history and early music through a contemporary lens.

Les Délices’ traditional Community Engagement programming has included LD@Work (Open Rehearsals), LD@Play (Family programming), and LD Steps Out (offering free, informal performances out in the community) presented in partnership with Cleveland and Akron bedrock institutions such as the Cleveland Public Library, the BOP STOP of Cleveland Music Settlement School, Akron Children’s Museum, and more. We’ll also continue our residency at Akron’s Holy Trinity Church in presenting a series of school concerts and other community outreach. Check this site regularly for updates.


Open rehearsals break down conceptions about formality, build relationships with audience members, and banish preconceptions about what artistic “work” is. Audience members will be able to come in, listen, and learn about Les Délices’ working process at these events, while the ensemble prepares for upcoming concerts. Repeated listening also provides additional insight into the music.


Join us for these free 45-minute interactive programs designed for families. Come early to do some program-related coloring, have a drink or a snack, and settle in for a fun musical afternoon!

No Tickets required but Registration is recommended.

LD Steps Out

Les Délices partners with the Cleveland Public Library’s Outreach programs, senior centers, and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron to bring free programs to branch libraries and community centers.

Free, informal performances in the community.

School Programs

Les Délices presents assemblies and in-classroom workshops for students aged 5-15 in and around Cleveland. Les Délices has also created University Residences at the University of Michigan and Williams College.

Please contact us for additional information.