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All Tickets on sale Aug 22!

Concert Series

The 2022-2023 Concert Series consists of four in-person programs: Winds of ChangeRejoice: Bach Cantatas for Advent, Enchanted Island, and Isabella’s Renaissance. Learn more about all the concerts in the series.

Each Sustainer Level Subscription includes  online access to the filmed version of The Highland Lassie to watch on-demand throughout the season. Purchasing a Sustainer Subscription is the only way to access The Highland Lassie at this time!

BASIC Subscription ($125)

Sustainer Subscription ($200)


SalonEra is free to watch! If you enjoy it, please let us know with a suggested donation of $15 per episode. 

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Want to support the whole season with one donation? Join us as a SalonEra member!  Select $125 SalonEra Membership from the Drop-down menu when you next donate to Les Délices.

For $125 you will receive: 

  1. Exclusive access to “the vault” to watch Seasons 1 and 2 on-demand (vault accessible to members from Sept. 15, 2022)
  2. Post-episode newsletters with relevant links and bonus content
  3. Post-episode surveys to submit questions to the artists (answers will be posted on the website)
  4. Other members-only perks to be revealed throughout the season

Les Délices Concert Subscriptions and SalonEra Memberships must be purchased via separate transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience.