Artist Interview: Elena Mullins

In Noel, Noel, premiering Dec. 10th, veteran Les Délices collaborator Elena Mullins will lend her beautiful soprano voice to beloved carols in English, French, and German. This special Les Délices holiday program will also feature classic and newly-written poems read by legendary broadcaster Dee Perry. We recently caught up with Elena to ask about the Noel, Noel recording experience and what other singing projects she’s working on!

The holidays are coming up, but you recorded Noel Noel months ago! What was the experience like for you?That week was a whirlwind, rehearsing and filming both the Caracteres choreography and the Noel music. Debra likes to keep us busy, but she always plans such beautiful and interesting programs, so it’s worth it.

Do you have a favorite piece of music from the Noel Noel program?
My favorite piece is probably the setting of “Chantons, je vous en prie” that Debra constructed from music by Charpentier and Ballard. I’ve sung it with Debra on a few previous holiday outreach programs and have always loved it. A new piece to me was the Geist setting of “Wie sch├Ân leuchtet die Morgenstern.” It was a treat to get to sing some German music with LD!

In addition to your performance in Noel, Noel, you’ll also be a guest on SalonEra Episode 9, Medieval Christmas, along with your Trob├ír colleague Allison Monroe. What music are you planning to share with us for the episode?
Allison and I made some videos this summer with the third member of our trio, Karin Weston. We’re sharing two of those videos, “Edi beo thu” and “There is no rose,” both early English pieces. We shot them in the middle of the summer but tried to create a mid-winter vibe by filming at night by candlelight! I haven’t seen them yet but I expect it to be a beautiful effect.

What other creative projects (musical or otherwise!) have you been working on recently?
My other medieval ensemble, Alkemie, just created and filmed a really interesting new project called “Mirroring the Other: Reflecting Jewish Experience in Medieval Germany.” It was so great to find a way to safely reunite and make music together again after the pandemic kept us apart for several months.

Thank you, Elena! Les Délices fans have two opportunities to hear Elena’s stylish singing this December: in Noel Noel, available Dec. 10-23rd and for the ninth episode of SalonEra: Medieval Christmas!