Preview: ClevelandClassical on Of Gods & Heroes

From “The live return of Les Délices: ‘Of Gods & heroes’ and a sense of the meta” by Jarrett Hoffman


“The next concert from Les Délices is indeed about gods and heroes, built around 14th-century songs referencing characters such as Jason and Medea, Ulysses and Circe, and Tristan and Isolde.

But if you’re familiar with artistic director Debra Nagy, who makes a habit of crafting programs both musically and intellectually stimulating, you won’t be surprised that there’s more to these selections than just mythology.

The central idea behind the program — to be presented live February 25-27 in Shaker Heights and Akron — is something more meta. ‘The funny thing about these 14th-century translations is that they’re not so much about the characters, but about seeing yourself in them, or contrasting your experience with theirs,’ Nagy said during a recent Zoom call. “There’s a sense of timeless relatability.'” – Jarrett Hoffman for


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