Cleveland Classical: “Les Délices Mesmerizes with Machaut’s Lai of the Fountain”

“Now that the cold and dreary winter is behind us, our thoughts turn to spring. And with trees beginning to blossom and flowers blooming we can begin to think about cultivating the garden. On April 8 at 7:30 pm, Les Délices will celebrate the Medieval garden and it’s centerpiece — the fountain — with the debut of Machaut’s Lai of the Fountain. The program is presented in collaboration with Boston’s Blue Heron and features video art design by Camilla Tassi. Click here for ticket information.

… was able to gain access to Lai of the Fountain in advance of Thursday’s debut — and it’s not to be missed. The program features stellar performances by Kim Leeds (mezzo-soprano), Elena Mullins (soprano), Scott Metcalfe (vielle and harp), Allison Monroe (vielle), and Debra Nagy (voice, medieval winds and harp), captivating visuals by Camilla Tassi, and stunning cinematography. And like the fountain, all the artforms come together to make a singular piece of art — a 60-minute feast for the ear and the eye.” – Mike Tellin for ClevelandClassical

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