Dance Around the Garden with Julie

On September 28, Les Délices will host our annual benefit event. This year, the event is titled All the Pleasures, and will be a celebration of all the wonderful pursuits that make our lives a little brighter. Beautiful music will accompany delicious food and fine conversation music in the lovely setting of the Shaker Heights Country Club. There will be a silent auction featuring items ranging from baseball tickets to a private meal.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this beautiful event.


In the weeks leading up to our fête, we are going to feature each of our artists so you can get to know them. Today we talk to violinist, dancer, and teacher Julie Andrijeski!

While we are lucky to have her based in Cleveland with us, Julie performs as a violinist and dancer all over the country. Among other engagements, she is the co-director of Quicksilver, the artistic director and concert master of the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, and a principal player with Apollo’s Fire. It’s a busy life, but when she is she is not making or embodying beautiful music, she is teaching others as a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University, growing potatoes, and enjoying her new cat. Get to know Julie a little better as tells us about how she spends her time.

If you were an 18th century person of leisure, of all the pleasures, how would you prefer to pass your time?

Dancing, particularly in the pleasure gardens, sounds delightful to me, along with many breaks to partake of a bit of bubbly and gossip.

As a 21st century person, how do you prefer to pass your time when you aren’t working?

Spending time with my husband Tracy, whether it be taking a Pilates class together, working in the garden, seeing an art/music exhibit, or watching him cookand sometimes just enjoying unscheduled time, and hanging out with our new cat, Uccellini.

Julie's new cat, Uccelini

Julie’s new friend, Uccelini (Ucci for short), who clearly has a lot of energy

Do you enjoy cooking?

On the few days per year when I cook, I usually enjoy it; even better, I love eating all of the wonderful food my husband prepares for me.

What is your favorite thing to make and what do you enjoy about it?

I make a really good sour cherry Linzer torte—I love the almond crust, latticed on top, and the wonderful combination of sour cherries mixed with a whole vanilla bean. Reminds me of my year spent in Vienna, long long ago.

Have you ever tried any 18th century recipes?

I have not attempted any 18th-century recipes but I have had the pleasure of sampling others’ attempts.

What was your greatest kitchen success or failure?

Biggest failure was as a teenager, wanting to make my mother her favorite lemon meringue pie and mistaking the (unmarked) Karo syrup for the vegetable oil.

Do you enjoy gardening?

I do, although I’m a pretty lazy gardener.

What do you enjoy about it?

I think it’s amazing that I can put seeds in the ground, go about my busy summer, and come back to some beautiful things to eat. I also love seeing our table scraps, etc. transformed into rich, dark soil in our compost bin.

What are you most proud of in your garden?

This year it’s potatoes of all kinds—they are so good when picked and cooked straight out of the garden. I also love our blueberry bushes.