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Isabella's renaissance

In collaboration with Blue Heron

April 22, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Lakewood Presbyterian Church
14502 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 

Inspired by flowering humanism and flourishing arts under the patronage of the “First Lady of the Renaissance” Isabella D’Este (1474-1539), we feature international guest artists Anna Danilevskaia (dir. Solazzo Ensemble) and lutenist Emma-Lisa Roux with favorite collaborators Scott Metcalfe and Elena Mullins Bailey in music by late-15th century masters  Busnois, Agricola, Josquin, and others.


Anna Danilevskaia, vielle
Emma-Lisa Roux, lute
Scott Metcalfe, vielle & harp
Debra Nagy, winds
Elena Mullins Bailey, soprano