A Meditation on the Moment

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Music Meditations
A Meditation on the Moment

Featuring the poems Being in the Country and Dancing by Dalin Evans and Ode to 1795 by Mike Dayton, read by the authors. The music comprises two movements (a Prelude and Allemande) by French Baroque composer Louis Antoine Dornel performed live by Les Délices in 2013 with baroque oboe, viola da gamba, and harpsichord.

LD Music Meditations combines poetry and music to bring soul-soothing and life-affirming art into your day.

Featuring classic and contemporary poetry by Northeast Ohio writers along with curated performances from Les Délices live-performance archives, each episode concludes with prompts for mindfulness or guided listening.

Listen online or call the toll-free Music Meditations Hotline: 216-859-5800

We’re proud to feature readers and writers from across Northeast Ohio through LD Music Meditations.