A Meditation on Our Place in the World

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A Meditation on Our Place in the World

This episode features poems by three Northeast Ohio-based writers. Each poem offers a different perspective on our place in the world, whether that’s admiring a vast wilderness, considering a view of earth from space, or backyard stargazing. We begin with “Star Struck”* by Cathy Barber, composed in response to Sara Kabot’s Lead 2020 and continue with Marion Boyer’s “Cento for Yūgen.” Cento is a latin word for “patchwork,” which signifies that the poem was created or assembled from lines of poetry by other poets. In this case, poet Boyer fashioned this poem from the inspiring words of astronauts from the Space Shuttle and Apollo missions. Finally, Shei Sanchez’s poem “Tamed”** evokes powerfully raw nature. The profound music of Johann Sebastian Bach accompanies each poem; the slow movement from the concerto for oboe (Debra Nagy) and violin (Shelby Yamin) in C minor (BWV 1060) was originally recorded for Les Délices’ SalonEra series.

*”Star Struck” was written for Heights Arts’ Ekphastacy project.
**”Tamed” First published on Still: The Journal.

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