Press Release: Announcing a new series of Music Meditations


Les Délices is pleased to announce the release of three new episodes of LD Music Meditations featuring the original work of writers from the West Side Catholic Center’s 2021 Poetry Group.

A total of seven poems by four writers (Mike Dayton, Mildred Dixon, Dalin Evans, and Joyce Nichols) are included in the new LD Music Meditations series, which reflects on themes of “Personal Growth,” “The Moment,” and “Otherness.”

LD Music Meditations combines poetry and music to bring soul-soothing and life-affirming art into people’s day. The series can be accessed as a podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts) and by telephone hotline at 216-859-5800. Each 3-7 minute episode in the series begins with poems set to music from Les Délices’ performance archives and concludes with prompts for mindfulness or guided listening.

Les Délices launched LD Music Meditations in April 2021 as a barrier-free community wellness program that bridges the digital divide. LD Artistic Director Debra Nagy explained the idea behind the project. “Before the pandemic, Les Délices partnered with library branches, homeless shelters, and senior centers to bring their free programs into the community. With Music Meditations, we wanted to create a safe space for respite or reflection and we wanted that art experience to be able to be freely and privately accessed with or without an internet connection.”

Cleveland’s West Side Catholic Center (WSCC) is a non-traditional collaborator for an arts organization like Les Délices. A private, not-for-profit agency that provides food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy for men, women, and children in Greater Cleveland, Les Délices reached out to WSCC initially as a means to spread the word about the LD Music Meditations.

“Then we learned about their Expressive Arts program and the WSCC 2021 Poetry Group,” explained Nagy. Designed and led by artist and writer Meredith L. King through a creative partnership with Cuyahoga Arts and Culture and the Center for Performance and Civic Practice, ten adventurous poets formed the West Side Catholic Center 2021 Poetry Group and met weekly from August to October with the goal of creating their own book of original poetry. With additional support from Resource Center Manager, Barbara Taylor and Jesuit Volunteer, Megan Chelling, Nagy met with the poets, shared Les Délices’ music, and helped them record their work for inclusion in the Music Meditations series.

Les Délices plans to create and share two additional series of LD Music Meditations in 2022-23. They hope to work with a variety of community partners to distribute and spread the word about the program as well as to curate the poetry. Organizations interested in partnering with Les Délices on a similar project should send inquiries to or call 216-302-8404.

About the West Side Catholic Center

Since 1977, the West Side Catholic Center has offered hot meals, hospitality, clothing and household goods, emergency services, advocacy, a family shelter, housing solutions, and workforce development training to those in need at no charge, regardless of religious affiliation. The West Side Catholic Center was established in 1977 by several area churches that saw a critical need within the community due to extreme poverty. We are a unique, private, not-for-profit agency with Catholic roots, independent of the Catholic Diocese and Catholic Charities.

Through our five main programs we respond to the needs of men, women, and children in the Greater Cleveland area and provide services, resources, and supports. All services are provided free of charge.

About the WSCC Poets

Mike Dayton has been writing for over twelve years. He deeply appreciates the opportunity writing provides to share with others. He hopes that community members listen to and appreciate this collaboration with Les Délices.

Mildred Dixon returned to writing in the past three years after a break since high school. For her, writing enables catharsis and allows her to express herself artistically. She volunteers for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) and enjoys all sorts of music from R&B to pop, rock, classical, and country.

Dalin Evans took up writing again recently after a break since high school. Not only does writing allow Dalin to express herself in words, but she recognizes how important arts experiences (including music and poetry) truly are. Music gives her great hope and inspires her to continue writing. She is very excited to share her poetry with the community through the Music Meditations project.

Joyce Nichols is new to writing but recognizes that its greatest benefit is in allowing her to express her feelings. Her lifelong fascination with the water and marine life are expressed in her contributions to the Music Meditations series.


Hannah De Priest
Communications Manager