Press Release: SalonEra Eps 7 & 8


DECEMBER 17, 2021 – This winter, SalonEra ventures through space and time with two new episodes exploring Ottoman influences on 17th century European music (Ottoman Influence, premiering 7:30 pm ET on Jan. 31) and the technical innovations and stylistic developments of the Renaissance (Circa 1500, 7:30 pm ET, Feb. 21).

SalonEra is an acclaimed early music-focused webseries from Les Délices that harnesses the power of technology and social media to bring a vast range of topics and repertoires to a global audience of classical music enthusiasts. Balancing conversation with musical performances, SalonEra celebrates the ingenuity, creativity, and dedication of musicians and scholars from around the globe.

SalonEra episodes (see broadcast schedule) are free to watch with a $10 suggested donation. Season Subscriptions ($125) ensure emailed reminders in advance of every episode’s release and on-demand access to SalonEra’s acclaimed first season. New episodes premiere Mondays at 7:30 pm ET on Les Délices YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and at and are available in full for 48 hours following their premiere. Episodes are typically one hour in length and each premiere is followed by a live Q&A with episode guests.

January 31, 2021, Episode 7: Ottoman Influence: A Baroque musician, Ottoman music enthusiast, and multi-instrumentalist, Daphna Mor guest curates this episode exploring connections between east and west. As the Ottoman empire reached the zenith of its power in the 17th and early 18th century, a craze for Turkish art and music swept across Europe. Reciprocal influence meant that European musicians including Dimitrie Cantemir and Wojciech Bobowski (also known as Ali Ufki) worked in the Ottoman empire composing new works and transcribing traditional music into western notation. Oud player Kane Mathis helps us understand the building blocks of Ottoman music and Turkish violinist and multi-instrumentalist Ceren Turkmenoglu shares her fascinating and beautiful work, which inhabits both European and Turkish classical traditions.

February 21, 2021, Episode 8: Circa 1500: The decades around 1500 comprised a pivotal historical moment as developments in science, technology, global discovery, and visual art, changed the world – quite literally – as we knew it. Music was similarly transformed as the music publishing industry exploded onto the scene, compositions reached new sonic highs (and lows), and instrumental virtuosity took flight. Lutenist Esteban La Rotta and Blue Heron Artistic Director Scott Metcalfe join us for this episode that delves deep into early Renaissance musical trends as we enjoy music from circa 1500 for lutes, vielles, and early winds by Alexander Agricola, Josquin des Prez and others.


Who: Les Délices presents SalonEra Season 2
What: Episode 7: Ottoman Influence, Episode 8: Circa 1500

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When: Premieres on January 31, 2022 and Feb 21, 2022 at 7:30 pm ET

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